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Transform Your Body with JAK's Body Sculpting Services


At our body sculpting facility, we offer a range of services to help you get the body you desire. Our services include laser lipolysis, wood therapy, radio frequency, ems and ultrasonic cavitation to help you reduce stubborn fat, tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can get the body you want in no time.

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Tips for better results and a healthier you!

It's very important to understand that with any technology or weight loss program to understand how our body works and what to avoid when doing these treatments for the best results. This is NOT a miracle procedure, Not a One and Done ordeal. Great results are easier obtained when following a sensible diet, exercising and treating these treatments no different than other methods of removing toxins from you body or a deep tissue massage. 

- Drink at least (MINIMUM) 64 ounces of water everyday, the day of the treatment drink as much water as you         can (up to a gallon) to help remove the toxins faster (adding lemon with your water also aids with weight loss         and increased energy).

- Eat a sensible diet, avoid unnecessary simple carbs/fatty foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

- Over the counter Herb Milk Thistle can maximize the detoxifying and cleansing of the liver.

- Avoid alcohol the day of and the day after treatments.

- Avoid Caffeine

- Avoid exposure to the sun after Radio Frequency for a minimum of 48 Hours.

Pricing is Per Area. (for multiple areas or wanting to "add-on" other areas, please contact us.

  • Face & Neck  ,  Abdomen , Waist (Love Handles) , Front of Thighs , Arms (both) , Back of thighs (hamstrings) , Upper Back & Bra Roll Area , Calves , Inner Thighs , Outer Thighs , Lower Back (flanks) , Buttocks , Hips (Saddle Bags)

Each Session includes a combination of Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening & Laser Lipolysis (depending on the client and needs of their body & goals). 

Nuestros servicios

  • 30 dólares estadounidenses
  • Burn fat, detox and accelerate your metabolism!

    30 dólares estadounidenses
  • No more fine lines and wrinkles

    115 dólares estadounidenses
  • This treatment focuses entirely on the tummy and love handle areas.

    255 dólares estadounidenses
  • Total arm treatment to tighten, tone and reduce excess skin.

    160 dólares estadounidenses
  • Perfect for reducing cellulite, tightening and toning.

    285 dólares estadounidenses
  • Lifting, tightening, and enhancing the volume

    250 dólares estadounidenses
  • Tones, tightens and reduces overall circumference

    100 dólares estadounidenses
  • 4 Sessions to target the buttocks, thighs, back, tummy

    2799 dólares estadounidenses
  • 6 full sessions of out Tummy Tuck service

    1399 dólares estadounidenses
  • 6 Full Sessions of Arm Defining Therapy

    799 dólares estadounidenses
  • 6 Full Sessions for the lower body

    2099 dólares estadounidenses
  • Lifting, tightening, and enhancing the volume

    1399 dólares estadounidenses
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